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Humanitarian match “Koš za sreću” 03.07.2019 (photo gallery)

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The renowned domestic rapper Mikri is the first in the history win like MVP for two years in a row.

It was the White team that celebrated at this year’s “Kos za srecu”, defeating the Blacks by a score of 114:108.

The result was definitely at the forefront, what brought together all the participants and the audience was a humanitarian goal, that is, helping socially disadvantaged, multi-member families. There was also a lot of fun ahead of the results, as the players on the pitch had a great time.


A large number of professional basketball players in a revival game have given an additional motivation to those who do not make a living from playing under hoops. On the one hand, among the winners were Miroslav Raduljica, Stefan Markovic and Marko Tejic, on the other Branko Lazic, Ivan Paunic, Dino Radoncic and Uros Lukovic, while the participants included 3X3 Zemun, Nikola Vukovic, Lazar Rasic, Marko Dugosija and Nebojsa Boskovic.

The Whites practically took the lead throughout the match, so that in the finish Black would be seriously threatened and in the last minutes halfway through the basket of rivals. Nikola Jelic Mikri’s calm hand settled the game in the final seconds, and with 24 points in total Mikri Maus was the best player of the match and won the MVP trophy again. Mikra had excellent support in the form of the morning of Nemanja Blazic Triki, who scored 17 points, with Nikola Vukovic (Zemun 3X3) with 11, and Marko Tejic and Nikola Milosevic Djota with ten each.

On the other hand, Ognjen Kajganic was the most in the mood for the game, scoring 22 points, Milos Kostic scored 15, and sister and brother Lukovic, Branka with 12 and Uros with 11 points, were very successful. The tandem Dino Radoncic – Misa Dragicevic also scored a very good role with eight points each.

WHITE – BLACK 114:108

WHITE: Anđela Jovanovic 6, Pedja Vasic 7, Nikola Vukovic 11, Nikola Jelic Mikri 24, Milos Pavlovic Trojpec 2, Nemanja Blazic (Tricky) 17, Marko Grubor Bigru 7, Marko Tejic 10, Vladimir Vuksanovic 6, Nikola Glisic 2, Nebojsa Boskovic 2, Bogdan Lalovic (Serbiangames BL), Nikola Milosevic (Djota Freestyle) 10, Miroslav Raduljica 2, Stefan Markovic 4, Viktor Savic 4.

BLACK: Anđelka Tomasevic 5, Branka Lukovic 12, Lazar Rasic 8, Dino Radoncic 8, Milos Kostic (Kimi’s life) 15, Uros Lukovic 11, Misa Dragicevic 8, Ognjen Kajganic 22, Marko Dugosija 7, Zarko Kovacevic (Sars) 4, Ivan Paunic 4, Milan Inic (Yasserstein), Branko Lazic 4.


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