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FC Partizan / New Year cocktail and promotion club calendar for “2019”, 27.12.2018 (photo gallery)

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It’s been a couple of days that has been dividing us since the new 2019 and at the same time starting the new football season, which begins in black and white on January 9th. On this occasion at the hotel Zepter in Belgrade, a traditional New Year cocktail and promotion of the FC Partizan calendar for the upcoming year was organized. In the presence of a large number of officials, FC Partizan members, a friend of the club, as well as representatives of the media, the president of FC Partizan addressed Milorad Vucelic.

In addition to the first-time players of Partizan, Danilo Pantic and Miroslav Vulicevic, the New Year’s cocktail have been enhanced with their presence – Honorary President FK Partizan g. Ivan Ćurković. vice president FK Partizan prof. Dr. Vladimir Vuletić, General Director Milos Vazura, Secretary General Milorad Nikolic, football legend Marko Valok …

During the twelve months, the history of the Partizan stadium covers the calendar, encompassing its architecture, specifics and history, which this year was masterfully presented by photographer Marko Todorović and graphic designer Marko Prokic.


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