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BC Partizan / New Year coctail and promotion club calendar for “2019”, 27.12.2018 (photo gallery)

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Basketball club Partizan promoted Thursday evening’s 2019 calendar, and Ostoja Mijailović, the president of the black and white, expressed hope that the club will have less problems and will only think for the future.

“When I recall the moment I spoke from the same place last year, I can say that I was bitter. I was very sad about the things that happened in Partizan … I can say that today we have less problems in the club” , he said.

“I hope that the next year will be even less and we will think about the future, that the past – in terms of some of the problems that have happened to us – will remain behind us.”

Mijailovic thanked the players for which he stated that they are worthy, honest and good guys, as well as the coach Andrea Trinkijeria.

“Thank you for fighting for our results. We have to believe in them,” said the first man of Partizan.

He reminded that Partizan this year, after 25 years, visited the trophy trainer Željko Obradović and then pointed out the presence of an even older and larger club legend.

“I want everyone to greet Dragan Kicanovic, who also entered the Partisans for the first time in 25 years,” said Mijailovic, followed by a big applause.


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