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HC Partizan / New Year coctail and celebration 70 years of tradition 10.01.2019 (photo gallery)

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Handball club Partizan celebrated 70 years of existence, and on that occasion, the successful former presidents and trophy trainers received awards.

In January 2018, Black and White celebrated their 70th birthday and all year passed in the anniversary of the anniversary. It was the reason that at the Athlete Club at the Humska Street stadium yesterday, those who are among the most deserving of the rich repository of RC Partizan, as well as the current champions, friends of the club, journalists and athletes, are gathered.

Club president Željko Perkunić pointed out that the main goal is to move from year to year a step further.

  • I’m at the helm of the club for about a year and during that time we have repaid some of the debts, made a good atmosphere, formed the team … Last year, we fought for the title, but she missed us. Now the goal is a step further, and the main thing is that Partizan is placed in the SEHA league – said Perkunić.

Sports director Aleksandar Blagojević emphasized that among the winners were only some of the many who were responsible for numerous successes of Partizan.

  • The fact is that Partizan has existed for quite a long time. There are many people who have incorporated their names into the history of the club. It was impossible to gather everything, we tried to gather individuals who are among the most deserving of the rich treasure trophy. It is a vow that Partisan has to exist, and we will
    do everything to make it so.


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